Adenium (desert rose) available colors ( price 300/- each)

Gardenia 150 /-

Fan Palm 200/-

Fluffy Fern 200/-

Plants we supply:

* Adenium (Desert Rose)

* Dendrobium (Orchids)

* Anthurium

* Livistona Rotundifolia (Fan Palm)

* Umbrella Plant

* Zamioculcus Zamifolia (ZZ plant)

* Norfolk Island Pine Tree

* Victoria Fern(Birdnest fern)

* Silver Lady Fern

* Fluffy Ruffles Fern



Also we provide plants for customers choice of selection other than the list for pre-orders


Order and Delivery

* To give your order call us or mail the list and confirm

* Once you give the order wait for 24 hours of time for the availibility of your order

* Pay half of the amount of your order to process it ( for pre orders)

* Minimum amount of order 8 plants

* Once you have placed your order you will recieved it within 3 to7 days





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